Inspiration for Serving Others

How can we possess a servant’s heart? I find it helpful to surround myself with people who are also striving to give of themselves and live their life like Christ would. Oftentimes, the organizations I’m a part of by their very nature attract people who want to serve, who want to affirm the worth of another person, who are striving to grow and deepen their understanding of this life.

Finding Inspiration

I find it especially helpful since people like this might not always be readily available to first start out by reading my bible and imagine being there when Jesus washed his disciple’s feet, when he gave his life on the cross. I also find it helpful to read the lives of the Saints, watch videos, listen to music, and follow people online who are striving for the same thing, and whose lives have been changed by knowing Christ’s love. Here are some of those resources I have found to be helpful lately.

While I was an assistant at L’arche Spokane I was introduced to this video while at a formation meeting. This video is very relevant even though my role has changed from physically helping to feed, bathe, and care more directly for adults with disabilities it still speaks to everyone’s mission here on Earth. We are all called to let Christ love through us, no matter where we are in life.

This video reminds me of all the daily ways we can love, simply by sharing a meal with others, or putting away all distractions and really listening to a friend.  There are so many opportunities, when going about our daily routine, to serve others and be served.

Another book I was introduced to through L’arche is Adam: God’s Beloved by Henri Nouwen. This book has so much depth and shows the value that each person has. Really any Nouwen book is worth reading if you want to encounter deep truths.

The Mighty

I find inspiration from The Mighty I learn and find encouragement from the stories people share as their site says,

“We face disability, disease and mental illness together.”  

I hope that by reading articles from The Mighty you might find a community facing similar struggles and a place to learn about different aspects of what it means to be human.

Relying on God’s Strength

When days are overwhelming I’m reminded that God has called me to right where I am now and that I need to rely on God’s strength more. If God has called you to what seems like an impossible task then listen to this song:

What inspires you to serve others?

How can you be more compassionate towards others?

What everyday activity can you do to serve and show Christ’s love to a friend?

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