Hiking and Marriage Preparation

Sixty days from now I will marry the love of my life! Our engagement has been filled with marriage prep classes, NFP classes, planning the wedding day, moving and learning how to be in a relationship that’s not long distance. While preparing for our wedding day I have found that there are many changes already happening in our lives that were unexpected and at times challenging. Amidst this, I believe firmly that God has brought us into each others lives because we bring out the best in each other. Despite the uncertainty about what our future together will look like, I remain hopeful that since God has brought us together He will provide for all our true needs and guide us on the path that will bring us closer to Him.

We are continuing to learn what sacrificial and self-giving love requires and sometimes there are growing pains that everyone experiences when learning to stretch oneself and put another person first.

This learning is accompanied by the joy of this season, knowing that we are planning to commit our lives to each other, that side by side we are submitting ourselves to God’s will for our lives. There have been many blessings and support from family and friends and as we approach our wedding day I look forward to sharing the joy me and William have with our loved ones.


This past weekend we hiked up Dog Mountain near Stevenson Washington and had the chance to see an amazing view and the most beautiful wildflowers I have ever seen. It didn’t escape my attention that since the last time I hiked this trail much has changed in my life. This weekend William hiked with me to the top and during the course of our relationship hikes have been a time when we have deep conversations.



During this hike, I came to the realization that my primary call in life as I get married is to serve God and then serve William. Although I recently have been getting caught up in anxiety about my job and other details about what the future will hold, I realized that as long as I strive to love God and William first everything else would fall into place. Also, that all other concerns are secondary and will likely change from one season of life to the next, but I know my purpose and will try not to stray from the path God has set before me, even when the path isn’t clear. Just as I have William as a hiking partner to encourage me to reach the very top of the mountain, I now have a partner to encourage me to reach new spiritual heights and have a partner to join in this journey¬†towards eternal life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.


Who is in your life right now helping you to reach new spiritual heights?

What situation has taught you about sacrificial love?

Are you allowing others to help you reach eternal life?

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