Wedding at Cana

A priest suggested meditating on the Wedding at Cana as the wedding draws closer. We are less than a week away from receiving the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and we hope that we can radiate the same love and joy that Jesus and Mary possess.

We have put a lot of effort into planning the wedding, from picking clothes to planning the reception to making care packages for out-of-town guests. With all the details, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important. The wedding isn’t about the cake; it’s about our new life together and sharing this with our loved ones. Even if things don’t go 100% according to plan, we are trusting in Christ to provide for our needs (both spiritual and practical). He certainly does a good job for the couple in this scripture! Here is a clip from the movie Mary of Nazareth showing the Wedding Feast at Cana, where Jesus and Mary are seen smiling and dancing:


We all have heard that “God is love”, but what is love? Love can be romantic (we certainly feel that for each other) or heroic, like Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Most of the time, though, true love comes out in the little things. A kind word here, or offering a glass of water there, can be the real everyday experience of love. Seeing Christ provide the wine for the wedding feast is a good reminder that even he loves us in our everyday needs.

It’s also great to see Christ as a wedding guest! It’s easy to think of Christ on the Cross, or Christ the Mystical Bridegroom, or even Christ the teacher, but we don’t often picture Christ as a party guest.  As guests begin to travel, and the finishing preparations are made we wait with joyful anticipation. We have been praying for our guests that they may be blessed by God’s goodness on our wedding day. We are so grateful for all those who are traveling to be able to attend and those who have helped and will help us celebrate on our wedding day.

Preparing for our marriage and the wedding day puts life into a new perspective.  We hope that our hearts be open to Christ in the sacrament and welcome the grace that God provides us with. We hope that we can keep the spirit of the Wedding at Cana alive in our marriage.

-Bethany & William

How has a celebration led you closer to Christ?

What special memories do you have of your family or friends celebrating?

How can we celebrate the little things in our day to day lives?

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