Simplicity of Heart

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess have given me inspiration and many practical tips for living a simpler life.  I think it’s easy in our culture to stray far from a life of simplicity.  In the past, I have been drawn to the beauty of religious life partly because of the vow of poverty they take. By taking that vow of poverty they free themselves to live their lives as Christ did.  Oftentimes, the things we possess don’t serve our genuine selves and don’t contribute to making our life more fulfilling. Our souls aren’t satisfied by material possessions, the true desires of our hearts are filled by Jesus.The spirituality of poverty and simplicity is open to everyone and there are many small steps we can each take to live a simple life.

Tips for Living Simply


Pass on those gently worn clothes you never wear to a charity and a person that might be in need of them who can use them now.

Be Mindful of Waste:

Small changes like using reusable grocery bags, not throwing away excess food and taking shorter showers (I really struggle with this one) are all ways in which we can be good stewards of the earth.

Make Household Products and Gifts Yourself:

There is nothing more rewarding than making something yourself and we get robbed of that sense of accomplishment and joy for mere convenience.  Here are some of the projects I have tried recently:

image (6)

Making Homemade All Natural Powder Foundation

image (5)

Homemade Apron for my Niece

image (4)

Homemade and Hand Embroidered Rosary Pouch for William

Buy Used:

There are many thrift shops that have barely worn clothes and sites like ThredUp where you can buy like new clothing.

image (9)

Rain Jacket I bought at a thrift shop for $14.99 originally $99.99

Pray for Simplicity of Heart:

That God would remove anything that blocks you from having a relationship with Him. That we may radically rely on God to provide for all our true needs. That we may each authentically live the life that Christ is calling us to.

Watch and Pray:


What is one action you can take to make your life simpler?

What ways are you already living simply?

What areas in your life need to be surrendered to God, where can you trust God more?

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