Encountering God’s Mercy

In this year of Mercy, I feel it only right to share how God has been radically calling me into a deeper relationship with Him. I have been praying daily to experience healing and to more fully know God’s unconditional love and mercy. As I prepare with my fiancé William for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, I have felt the call more and more urgent to deepen my relationship with God.

Liturgy of The Hours:

God has truly blessed me with bringing William into my life. William helps me strive to be my best self and encourages me towards holiness. We pray together daily, sometimes novenas, the rosary or just pray about whatever is on our hearts. Recently, William challenged me to think about what I would like our nightly prayer to look like as we start our life together. As a part of our Lent, we have begun saying the Liturgy of the Hours Evening Prayer. On night’s when time is running short we pray Night Prayer. I have found praying the Liturgy of the Hours to be a beautiful way of joining in the prayer of the Church and lifting one’s heart to God.

As me and William join together in prayer each night I find that something stands out and gives me inspiration for living my life as God calls us to. It is structured the same so there is familiarity and uniqueness each night. It’s such a rich treasure and gift, that adds a rhythm to life that is based on prayer. So instead of staring at a television screen or worrying about everything I need to get done the next day I’m left thinking of God’s goodness and in times of need I can simply pray God, come to my assistance. Lord, Make haste to help me.

To start praying the Liturgy of the Hours start here: Divine Office

Resources for Healing:

God does not disappoint and I have been amazed at the ways the Lord has been pouring out his love. Here are a few things that the Lord has been using in my life for healing.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough!  If you want to encounter God’s healing love and mercy in your life then start by reading this book. It contains many questions for contemplation and serious tools for spiritual growth. This book has radically changed my heart and brought about more self-knowledge and healing in my life. I hope it can in yours!


Another avenue of healing has been listening to the music of Audrey Assad. Her latest album, Inheritance, is another masterpiece of prayerful, soul-stirring, music that lifts the spirit.

How have you encountered God’s mercy in your life?

Are there areas of your life that need healing?

What ways has God been showing you His Love and Goodness?

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