On Surrender

Adjusting to this new life has not come easy. We didn’t know where we would live or what job William would be working at until just a few days before getting married. We decided to move from Oregon to California once we returned from our honeymoon and packed up for the U-Haul trip down within a week.  These experiences showed me that God really is in control and that changes come ultimately for our good even if we might not see it right away. That is what brings me to the topic of surrender. It’s easy to get caught up thinking that we know best, or to question God’s plan or to wonder if there is even a plan there, and if it is there are we discerning God’s will properly. But God doesn’t ask us to make decisions we don’t have the tools to make. He just asks us to surrender and trust in His plan.

Radical Changes

The disciples’ lives were radically changed when He called them, so too our lives are meant to be radically changed when we surrender and follow His call. Sometimes that looks like just being patient and waiting for God to reveal part of the plan, and sometimes, like in my case, you are placed at a fork in the road and have to make a decision and take action. Although I may not know exactly why God decided to uproot my life and land me in a hot dessert with a drought and weird bugs (dramatics aside, it’s really not that bad), I know already He is blessing me and William here.

God’s Will

Ultimately all I want to do is to surrender to God’s will in my life and let God lead, because, to be honest, I wouldn’t have planned things to happen the way they did. It’s also an adventure where I have to face fears and confront some strongholds of anxiety. So, as any newlywed couple knows, there are many changes and things to get used to, yet God is providing for all the desires of my heart in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Although I may struggle to conform to God’s will day by day, I’m very glad William and I are following where we felt God called us in a bigger way.

With humility I have been asking God daily to give me faith, be my strength, and guide me to the people and opportunities this day where I can glorify God. This is my prayer for you too!

What do you fear right now?

What changes have been happening in your life?

What parts of your life do you need to surrender to God?

5 comments on “On Surrender

  1. This is awesome-surrender is so important in marriage! When my husband and I were in our senior year of college (we married just before junior year), we had no clue what we would do after graduation. It was difficult to not know what would happen, but it was a great chance to grow in trust and surrender to God and His will. And then, in March (less than two months before graduation!) my husband got two positive responses within a week of each other (one interview which then resulted in an offer, one job offer)! It was pretty incredible to see how God works.

    Also, I think it’s really cool that you and William are able to make it to daily Mass together most days! Prioritizing the Faith like that in your marriage will only do good things 🙂

  2. I actually stumbled across your blog because I was reading through Blog Beauty reviews and you had put your link there. I’m deeply considering the Danielle theme. Your blog is so elegant and beautiful. I just love it. Plus that isn’t even to mention your wise words you’ve shared in your posts thus far.

    I’d love to ask if you don’t mind, what size images are you using for your verticals? I’ve been so indecisive with mine, but find yours to be just the right size on my screen. I also noticed they are the same ones that you are pinning, but at a slightly larger size. Are you uploading images separated to Pinterest, or pinning straight from your blog?

    Thanks for the advice and response. I know blogging can be time consuming, but it looks like you are getting it right, right from the start. Message and all.

    1. I’m glad you have found looking at my blog helpful and thank you for taking the time to read it! The verticals are 400×600 I resize them in the article and they are the same ones I use for Pinterest too. I pin them from my blog. Thanks again for the positive feedback and happy blogging!

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