Creating a Sacred Space

There are many opportunities to have intentional beauty within one’s home. While many people strive for functionality in their living space I think it is important to also consider how space can enrich your life. I find that the most important part of my room is my prayer space. It’s simple and took a little time to create, but it’s often where I go to seek rest and peace from the frantic world. It gently reminds me to turn my heart towards Jesus when I look at the Cross and it helps me contemplate the life of Jesus when I look at the icon of the Presentation at the Temple.  I like to light my rose shaped beeswax candle and spend time in silent prayer before my home altar.


image (2)There are many ways to personalize your own home altar yours could include Bible verses, candles, Sacred art, Saint statues, your Bible or other spiritual books, Rosary, you get to choose! You can also change the altar to match the liturgical season, or you can use a board to write down and remember the people you are praying for.

Does your home nourish your spirit or leave you feeling stressed and anxious?

Do you have a space that is conducive to prayer?

Where do you find beauty in your living space, do you make room for the Sacred?

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